Our journey

1877 Establish Steamship Transportation Agency, Goto Katsuzo Head Office at the address of the present Head Office of the Company.
1892 Open Osaka Office.
From 1920 to 1930 and after
1921 Incorporated Goto Kaisoten Ltd.
1932 Open Hyogo Port Office.
From 1940 to 1950 and after
1942 Open Tokyo Office.
1951 Obtain license for Harbor transport.
1953 Capital issued: 5 million yen.
1960 and after
1960 Open Kagoshima and Mizushima Offices.
1961 Open Takasago Office.
Capital issued: 50 million yen.
1962 Open Fukuoka Office.
1967 Introduce computers. Commence modernization of office work.
1968 Capital issued: 100 million yen.
1969 Complete construction of present Head Office Building.
1970 and after
1972 Capital issued: 200 million yen.
Construct Warehouse in the No. 4 zone of Kobe Port.
1974 Capital issued: 300 million yen.
1975 Opened Maya Office.
1976 Hold 100th Anniversary Ceremony of founding of the Company.
1977 pened Osaka Nanko Office.
1980 and after
1981 Capital issued: 487.5 million yen.
1982 Commence on-line communication with customers.
1985 Open Singapore Representative Office.
1989 Open Goto Fairwind Co., Ltd.
1990 and after
1990 Construct two Warehouses on Rokko Island to become a base for physical distribution.
1992 Rebuild Maya Office and Hyogo Port Office.
1994 Open Rokko Island No. 3 Warehouse.
Open Seoul, Pusan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai Offices.
1996 Open Tokyo Port Office.
Yato Maru cargo ship built.
1997 Establish Goto Logistics Inc., a local company in the Philippines, as part of ongoing efforts to upgrade the Company's shipping network overseas.
Celebrate 120th anniversary of the founding of the Company.
2000 and after
2000 Obtain license for Ordinary Harbor Transport in Mizushima Port.
2004 Established the Chinese local subsidiary GOTO BUTSURYU (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.
Established the Hong Kong local subsidiary HONG KONG GOTO BUTSURYU LTD.
2005 Installed a solar power system (40kw) at the Rokko #2 warehouse to contribute to improving the global environment.
The Mizushima Region Operations Department and Mizushima Maruma Konpo Yuso Co., Ltd. acquired the ISO9001:2000 certification.
2007 Became a member of the Green Distribution Partnership.
Relocated to the KDC Kobe Building at 83, Kyomachi, Chuo Ward, Kobe City for the reconstruction of the head office roof.
Celebrated the 130th anniversary of the establishment of the company.
2008 Recognized as an Authorized Warehouse Operator by the Kobe Chief Customs Inspector.
2009 The reconstruction of the roof of the head office is completed.
2010 Acquired the ISO9001:2008, which is related to International Multimodal Transport and the Port Transport Industry (including customs clearance and warehousing),
2011 Established an office for resident employees in Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam.
2012 Acquired the ISO14001:2004, which is related to International Multimodal Transport and the Port Transport Industry (including customs clearance and warehousing),
2013 Established GOTO VINA CO., LTD. in Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam.
Finished the reconstruction of the office and warehouse at the Maya office.
Established GOTO EUROPE LIMITED in London, United Kingdom.
2015 Established GOTO PHILIPPINES LOGISTICS, INC. in Manila, Philippines.
2017 Capital issued: 300 million yen.
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