Our journey

A Century of Experience Fuels Today’s Innovation

MEIJI PERIOD October 10, 1877: Goto Kaisoten’s Origins
Goto Kaisoten began as the Katsuzo Goto Steamship Transportation Agency near the Port of Kobe. Using the word “steamship” in the company name was an indication of innovative intent in an era of sailing ships. Founder Katsuzo Goto’s vigor and ambition resulted in growth, and not only was the company engaged as one of 24 shipping agents for Japan’s foremost shipping line (today’s NYK Line), it was one of the top performers.

August 1895: First Overseas Expansion
At the recommendation of a high-placed official with whom Katsuzo was friendly, the company began trading and shipping agency operations in Taiwan. This was later expanded to Qingdao and Lushun (Port Arthur) in mainland China, and Busan in South Korea. By 1897, the company was transporting drilling equipment to southern Taiwan for Nippon Oil, and used that connection to expand its trade in that region.
TAISHO PERIOD March 25, 1921: Goto Kaisoten, Ltd.
To keep abreast of modernizing industry, the company adopted the then-new stock company structure. Tetsujiro Goto became the inaugural president of Goto Kaisoten Ltd.

The Tumult of War
As Japan’s economy came under government control around the time of WWII, ports and transportation were naturally seen as strategically important. Our company was called upon to form the core of a special port transportation enterprise for Kobe.
During this era, the seeds of our future plant transportation business were planted when we dismantled a Nippon Oil facility and successfully shipped it to Taiwan, evading the ever-present submarine patrols in the area.
Shoichi Goto was appointed president in 1942.

1945: Post-War Rebuilding
Kobe had been flattened by two bombing attacks during the war, so Shoichi Goto erected a simple shack and set to work rebuilding the company.
As private-sector trade businesses gradually restarted in subsequent years, Goto Kaisoten, by now housed in new headquarters, began to flourish, with its shipping operations complemented by warehouse, stevedoring, and other activities.

1957: A Comprehensive Provider of Global Transportation Solutions
The company became the first in the industry to offer plant export services, and delivered an entire thermal power plant to Delhi in 1961, including local transportation operations in India.
This ability to offer door-to-door delivery made Goto Kaisoten invaluable to plant manufacturers, and soon the company was delivering them to northern Europe, Asia, North America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

1970s: Consolidating Strengths
Seeking to stay ahead of changes in the distribution industry and the industrial world at large, a corporate group was formed to coordinate and maximize synergies generated by the member companies. This was the beginning of today’s Goto Group.

October 10, 1976: A Hundred Years Young
The company’s centennial was marked with a ceremony to celebrate our past and reaffirm our corporate philosophy as our guiding sentiment for our ongoing quest to forge a new and prosperous era.

1980s: High-Capacity, High-Function New Premises at Kobe Port
To stay ahead of ever-evolving needs, we built new premises on Rokko Island with dramatically expanded functionality, including more facilities for container handling in raised-floor warehouses, all-weather dockside operations, multi-purpose storage, and fully computerized internal systems linked with Japan Customs’ NACCS system for maximum efficiency.

FROM SHOWA TO HEISEI 1988 onward: Global Expansion
We began the steady strengthening of our international intermodal transportation network by partnering with reputable enterprises in various countries. By focusing on Southeast Asia in particular—with presences in Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Hong Kong—we cemented our position as the leading physical distribution operator in the region.
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