Authorized as a designated customs broker by the head of the Kobe customs office.

Goto Kaisoten, Ltd. has been recognized by Kobe's director of customs as a business (AEO) with superior compliance.

Recognized as a specially bonded company March 27th, 2008. (Heisei 20.)
Certified customs broker as of June 26th, 2009. (Heisei 21.)

”AEO”:Authorized Economic Operator

In response to the simultaneous terrorist attacks of September 2001 (Heisei 13) on the United States, we introduced measures to guarantee security and smooth delivery of products throughout the world, beginning with the United States.

Since 2001 (Heisei 13) the Japanese government has phased in an AEO program under which it approves logistics providers with superior compliance and cargo security management capabilities.

The AEO system covers six types of business operator (importers, exporters, warehouse operators, customs brokers, international logistics providers, and manufacturers). Goto Kaisoten is approved as a customs broker and warehouse operator.

The role of AEOs is becoming more important in light of the move toward mutual recognition arrangements, which simplify trade procedures between AEOs in Japan and elsewhere to facilitate the flow of international logistics.

May, 2008. Between Japan and New Zealand.
June, 2009. Between Japan and America.
June, 2010. Between Japan and European Union (EU).
June, 2010. Between Japan and Canada.


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