Tasks at Goto Kaisoten

International maritime transport

Our company can support in all areas, receiving the cargo of customers from Japanese plants, customs clearance services, air or marine transport, and up to transporting locally.

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International air transport

It tends to be relatively expensive compared with marine transportation or other domestic means of transportation, but it is possible to transport to a destination in a few days.

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In addition to regular truck transportation, we have achievements in all modes of transportations, including transport by rail and by sea. We can offer the most suitable suggestion based on delivery date or product.

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Packaging and storag

We possess a company owned warehouse which has acquired the qualification of a specified customs bond approval in Rokko, Higashi Nada-ku, Kobe-shi. We focus not only on freight storage but also on packaging.

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Costoms clearance

Through the management of custom clearance by our elite staff, we will support our customer's import and export so that it will go even more smoothly.

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At our company, we conduct insurance agent, moving, import and export, worker dispatching, and other services aside from our main transportation business.

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