Air Transport

Air transport is a handy option when your cargo needs to be delivered in a hurry or when you are working to a fixed schedule.

When quick delivery is essential at any cost, air transport is the most effective method because it gets your cargo to the destination in days rather than 1–3 months as is the case with ocean transport. Also, consider this: air transport can be the most affordable options in some cases if you are sending very small packages because it is divided into finer units of capacity.

What's Different About Goto Kaisoten’s Air Transport Services?

When you need to send important papers or products in a hurry, or if sending small volumes, rely on Goto Kaisoten to fly your cargo to its destination on time every time. We and our group companies work closely with airlines in Japan and overseas to ensure your urgent consignment arrives quickly and securely. We are also qualified to handle all your customs clearance and other procedural requirements, making us your one-stop shop for every aspect of shipping cargo.

And while air transport is primarily used for smaller items, we also have experience in flying huge plant facilities. From the lightest document to the heaviest industrial parts, we have the solutions to fly your cargo to its destination.

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