International air transport

Air transport that uses airplanes for transportation is the ideal means of transport in case there is limited time, and in order to transport cargo for a fixed delivery date. 

Since it is transportation using airplanes, it tends to be comparatively expensive compared to marine transportation or other domestic means of transportation, but compared to marine transportation with transport periods of one to three months, it is possible to transport to the destination in a few days.In addition, since the weight of the cargo is determined in small units, for very small cargo there are cases where it can be transported inexpensively. 

Features of the Goto Kaisoten air transport business

The benefits of air transport

For such things as urgent documents, goods that require a short delivery date, or for items that weigh relatively little, air transport offers very many benefits. For goods that have a high degree of urgency or importance, it is particularly essential that the air transport used is safe and strictly keeps to the delivery date. Based on an extensive network with domestic and foreign airline companies, and cooperation with group companies, our company can give you the best guidance tailored to your wishes. Since we are able to offer both customs clearance services and other domestic means of transportation, one-stop transportation is possible.

When speaking of air transport, it may have the image of transporting relatively small cargo, but our company has a track record of transporting such things as plant equipment and machinery. From the transport of small cargo to the transport of heavy and large cargo, it is possible for us to offer a wide range of options when it comes to air transport.

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