Packing & Storage

With AEO (warehouse operator) status from Japan Customs, we can offer swift, safe, affordable packing and storage in bonded warehouses.

We have three facilities in Kobe’s waterside Rokko neighborhood. One has a total floor space of 3,844 m2, another has 5,000 m2, and the third has 1,096 m2 on the first floor and 1,065 m2 on the second floor. A further warehouse in nearby Nada-ku has 531 m2. Each incoming item is logged on entry and tracked carefully throughout every stage of its journey to ensure secure delivery to its destination.

One of our warehouses.

Cargo stacked carefully in one of our warehouses.

Wooden packing crates.

What's Different About Goto Kaisoten’s Packing & Storage Services?

AEO Warehouse Operator Status

We are a certified Authorized Economic Operator (Warehouse Operator). AEO status is conferred only when the director-general of customs is satisfied that strict compliance and security criteria are met. It allows us to operate our warehouse as a bonded warehouse and has procedural benefits, such as exemption from some permit fees.
Our customers appreciate that their cargo is kept secure in our AEO-certified facilities, where access is strictly restricted to authorized personnel by day and protected from intruders at night by infrared sensors.

AEO Warehouse Operator Status

Proper Packing for Each and Every Product

We understand that safe transport requires good packing, and we have systems in place to ensure that all products are properly packed and handled, including qualified staff and well-equipped warehouses. Each and every item in our care—from the smallest package to the largest cargo—is packed and stored appropriately to ensure it arrives at its destination in top condition. If you have outsized cargo that needs to be shifted, give us a call—we have the experience and equipment to get the job done right.

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