Packaging and storage

At our company, we put effort into the secure packing and storage of our customers' important goods at our company-owned AEO Warehouse Operator certified warehouses. 

Our company possesses three company-owned warehouses in Rokko, Higashi Nada-ku, Kobe, with respective gross floor areas of 3,844㎡, 5,000㎡, and 1st floor: 1,096㎡; 2nd floor: 1,065㎡, and one in Nada-ku, Kobe, with a total floor area of 531㎡.
For packages that arrive in stacks, by drafting a storage report and writing down in detail what is to be managed, we take very careful management of your important packages.

The external view of our warehouses

Luggage inside the warehouse

Wooden boxes for crating

Hallmarks of Goto Kaisoten's packing and storage business

AEO Warehouse Operator authorization

Our warehouses have obtained AEO Warehouse Operator certification.
The Authorized Economic Operator certification is only approved by the general director of customs for operators who exercise superior compliance and security systems. Along with the ability to use our warehouses as bonded warehouses, this certification has a variety of benefits related to customs procedures, such as exemption from permit fees.
For storing cargo imported from overseas, aside from the large benefits, we have a night patrol with guards, and we also have a strict system inside our warehouse to control who goes in and out. We even take care to safely store important packages from regular customers, earning us a high reputation.

Certificate of AEO Warehouse Operator

We always aim to apply packing suitable to each individual product

Also, we put effort into packing goods at our warehouses, not just storing them. Within the company, as well as endorsing the packaging professional qualifications, we have both a 30t and a 10t hoist overhead traveling crane in qualified warehouses. Packing is important work necessary for safely delivering our customers' important goods to their destination, so we always aim to apply packing suitable to each individual product. Also, we bundle everything from packing through to storage, even with large-sized goods, through the use of our cranes.
Make sure to contact our company when considering the transport of large-sized goods.

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