Strives to expand its global business opportunities
as a pioneer in the physical distribution industry.

Important Information


Our Services

We play a one-stop logistics, we handle a variety of services related to transportation .


As commissioned by our client  we handle all aspects of through transport from pick-up, warehousing, marine transport to in-land transport of cargo by trailer to the final destination.

International maritime

We are establishing best method using know-how of international transport to deliver to all over the world with a motto of promptness/safety/low cost.

Packaging, Storag, Clearance

we provide the following major services: pick up, receiving, packaging, transport to the container yard, and undertake export-import and custom clearance procedures relating to the cargo.


Among our many services, we also provide marine container sale, lumber sale, real estate sale, construction and insurance agency.

Global Network

The GOTO GROUP are deploying global operations making best use of not only many domestic offices but also so many overseas subsidiary companies and representative offices. We realize a wide range of transportation operation in the global field and are actively meeting the challenges associated with offering high value added physical distribution services to our customers based on the motto : "Dedicated to providing superior multi-modal transportation services".

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