Goto Trans Co., Ltd.

With a team of borderless comprehensive freight consultants, we offer super moving services

Business areas Comprehensive freight consulting and automobile shipping

From individuals to organizations consulting on your shipment overseas

In 1992, our firm took up the business begun by Far East Container Services in October 1969. We offer comprehensive freight consulting, providing not only international shipments, but assisting with moves domestically and abroad. Beyond logistics, we also use our expertise in container shipping to sell and lease containers and container houses, and we are engaged in other businesses throughout the world.

We aim to offer the best transport solutions worldwide and leverage our proprietary systems and expert staff to meet your needs

Our main business revolves around moving services, and we offer everything from assistance to students and workers being posted to a new domicile to whole office moves and freight of equipment large and small. Whether your move is domestic, overseas, or of any type, Maruma Group has 70 sites nationwide with which to assist you. Our service is accurate, reliable, and speedy.
In addition, we draw on our proprietary systems and specialized staff to handle sensitive tools, office automation equipment, and other fragile cargo. In this way, we support the global activities of students and business people everywhere.

Company Information

Name Goto Trans Co., Ltd.
Address 2-1, kaigan-dori 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0024
TEL/FAX TEL:+81-78-321-1951 / FAX:+81-78-321-1952
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