Creating Shared Value

Seeking Better for You, We, and the Community

At Goto Kaisoten, our philosophy has been the same since the company’s founding in 1877:
Honesty, integrity, and reliability.
By embodying these ideals, we seek to be worthy of carrying your valuable cargo.

These days, transportation is a vital infrastructure, just like electricity and water supplies. However, we are not simply a provider of services—a mover of cargo from point A to point B. Our whole operation is geared toward making sure you, we, and the community all end up better off as a result of our services. This concept is known as “creating shared value.” Our efforts are concentrated in two major areas: readiness and innovation.

Readiness refers to the broad range of capabilities offered by the different companies of the Goto Group. By preparing such a comprehensive line-up of solutions, we are able to cater to all your transportation needs, from initial pick-up and packing to last-mile delivery and installation. Let us know your requirements, and we will provide what you need—by road, by rail, by sea, by air, and of course by hand.

A Goto Kaisoten truck,
loaded and ready to depart.

crates to ensure maximum safety.

Guiding a customer’s cargo
through customs clearance.

Innovation refers to our initiatives designed to ensure our people are always thinking of ways we can benefit you and the community at large. From cost efficiencies to environmental breakthroughs and everything in between, we are not afraid to combine traditional and unconventional if it means our business can serve your needs, our needs, and the needs of society at the same time.

All of us at Goto Kaisoten are excited to work with you and our local communities to create shared value.

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