Our Commitment to the Environment

Managing environmental impact is just as integral to our business as safety and customer satisfaction.

A government study says that 17.1% of Japan’s carbon dioxide emissions come from transportation. We believe that working to protect the environment is our responsibility, not only as a transportation company, but as a good corporate citizen, too.

To that end, we endeavor to offer transportation options that help prevent the worsening of environmental damage such as air pollution and global warming. In fact, by harnessing the broad capabilities of the whole Goto Group, we seek to ensure that eco-friendly transportation methods, tailored to each client’s specific needs, are the more affordable option.

Moreover, we are eager to apply the vast merits of our comprehensive operations to assist clients interested in making their operations greener. For instance, our decades of experience in transporting large cargo can make installing solar power generation facilities much easier. In this way, our operations add momentum to the steady spread of renewable energy sources throughout Japan.

Environmental Initiatives

Electric Vehicles for Sales Reps

Electric vehicles emit no harmful carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxide gases, and we are now trialing EVs as part of our fleet of sales vehicles—better for the environment

Solar Power Generation

We have installed solar panels on the roofs of our facilities in Kobe in order to harness more renewable energy in our operations.

Solar panels on the roof of our facility on Rokko Island, Kobe.

Solar panels on the roof of our facility in Maya, Kobe.

Lowering Emissions and Energy Consumption through Efficient Container Use

By using rail transportation methods, it is possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to around one ninth of the volume emitted by trucks, and reduce energy consumption to a fifth of that of trucks. Similarly, ocean transportation makes it possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to around a fifth of the carbon dioxide emitted by trucks, and reduce energy consumption to a quarter of that of trucks.

But while everyone knows eco-friendly solutions are good for the world, it is hard to convince clients to use these if they cost more. However, when it comes to transportation, we can use rail-based and ocean-based haulage for the main journey and trucks for the last-mile delivery in many cases, thus offering clients eco-friendly and affordable options.

Also, we are constantly working to make more efficient use of shipping containers. For instance, coordinating consignments by multiple clients located close together ensures container capacity does not go to waste on the inward or outward journeys. Not only does this reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption per consignment, it also reduces costs as more goods are carried in a single container.

In this way, our extensive network enables us to identify potential improvements, which we can then pass on to you in the form of transportation solutions that are more convenient, environmentally friendly, and affordable.

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