Customs clearance

We provide customs declaration agency service for various items including tax payment involved with export and import. 

As the tariff in Japan is complicated, products that seem similar may very well be taxed at different tariff rates depending on their materials and qualities.  Failure of an appropriate declaration for each item can cause troubles that entail additional tax and compromise smooth transportation.  With customs clearance processing by our elite staff, your import and export business will be smooth, you won't have to pay needless costs, and we will back up your business.

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) authorization

At our company, we deal with 1,000 importation-related jobs and 2,500 exportation-related jobs per month, but we boast the lowest rate of legal issues in Kobe customs, and we are authorized as an Authorized Economic Operator.  We are committed to provide not only accurate customs declaration services, but also information protection and safe logistics of confidential items including product design drawings and special components.

Authorized customs clearance contractor authorization

Support for customs-related problems or circumstances which require discussion

We also help with post-customs investigation consultation, questions such as "How much will it cost to import only this?" and "What safety procedures should I follow when importing hazardous materials such as gas?" and cases in which negotiations with customs are necessary.

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