Customs Clearance

We handle all the import and export forms and fees so you don’t have to. 

Japanese customs procedures are formidably complex; what looks like essentially the same item is often subject to different customs duty rates because of slight differences in materials or other aspects. Unless each item is properly declared, you may be faced with an unexpected extra bill and your transportation plans severely disadvantaged. Our staff are customs experts, and can ensure swift clearance to keep your imports and exports flowing smoothly and save you from unnecessary costs.

AEO Customs Broker Status

We handle an average of 1,000 imports and 2,500 exports a month, so it is no wonder we are known as one of the most accurate brokers at Kobe Customs. As a certified Authorized Economic Operator (customs broker), we are experts in handling sensitive items, where design information, special ingredients, and other data are strictly confidential, and our information security record is second to none.

Our AEO (customs broker) certificate.

We Can Liaise and Negotiate with Customs on Your Behalf

From “Am I allowed to import this?” to “Help, customs is investigating me!”, we are able to answer your questions and negotiate with customs on your behalf. If you’re not sure, please ask!


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