International maritime transport

Our company can support in all areas, receiving the cargo of customers from Japanese plants, customs clearance services, air or marine transport, and up to transporting locally.

When dealing with international shipping of goods, we ensure the secure delivery of our customer's valued goods.  
Our company began transportation of entire plants in 1957, ahead of our competitors.
In 1961, we were contracted for all transportation, within India, for a thermal plant in Dehli. We have over 50 years of experience in transportation abroad.

Characteristics of Goto Kaisoten's International Transportation Business

Cooperation with superior local companies

When making shipments overseas, cooperation with superior local companies becomes necessary. Our company has established/is affiliated with over 20 local entities, predominantly in Asia, but also in Europe and the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. We securely transport valuable goods to their destination, using our local affiliates and our global network of superior delivery companies.

We avoid problems with our experience and connections in overseas transportation

Unexpected incidents, that do not occur nationally, sometimes happen on overseas transportation, based on a country's customs, weather and international affairs. Our company avoids problems ahead of time, using our extensive experience and connections. This also allows us to adapt and be flexible in cases of emergency.
Also, our company is specialized in large cargo, such as plants, with proven track record. Using our extensive network, we excel at securing shipment routes locally. Please consult us for transportation of large cargo that are difficult to ship.

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