Our Commitment to Safety

As a transportation company, safety is our overriding concern, and we are constantly looking for ways to provide you greater peace of mind.

Our mission is to deliver your cargo to its destination safely and on time. Accidents can have serious consequences, and we are able to call on decades of experience and a large network of wise colleagues to minimize risk and maximize safety. This enables us to, for instance, identify in advance items that might cause problems at customs upon import or export, thereby saving you much cost and hassle.

Meanwhile, to eliminate accidents and ensure safety throughout our operations, we have a rigorous in-house training system that includes periodic refresher courses, and stringent internal oversight that applies to everyone on our team, including top management.

Safety is the bedrock on which our trustworthy reputation stands, and we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards and living up to our clients’ expectations.

Safety Initiatives

All our systems, all our equipment, and all our staff are geared toward maximizing safety and minimizing risks. Our dual approach covers both accident prevention and response, and front-line staff are encouraged to contribute practical ideas to help promote safety through incremental daily improvements. When an incident occurs, our policy is to identify the root causes, reflect honestly on where we went wrong, and implement measures to prevent recurrence.

Packing and Storage Safety

With cranes, forklifts, and a huge volume of cargo all on the move, it takes care and attention to maintain safety in the packing and storage space. Daily briefings, patrols, and a newsletter outlining expected cargo and identifying areas requiring care are some of the methods we use to maintain safety awareness.

We encourage our staff to obtain professional packing qualifications, and demand that every item of cargo is packed with the utmost care. These skills and creativity are most useful when it comes to irregular-shaped items, which must be packed in a way that ensures safety but still eliminates waste.

Customs Clearance Safety

Our superlative track record earned us Authorized Economic Operator (warehouse operator and customs broker) status from Japanese customs in 2008. AEO is a system aimed at boosting security in international freight; it was established in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks of 2001.

AEO status for us means real benefits for you. For instance, it enables us to offer you smoother customs clearance solutions, and there is the potential for more less red tape when transporting your cargo overseas.

As the customs clearance and warehousing experts, we are often approached for help regarding paperwork for post-import inspections and permit-upon-arrival schemes. Our stringent management systems and deep knowledge of the ins and outs of customs enables us to protect you from unexpected extra customs duties and prevent accidental unauthorized imports and exports.

Our AEO (warehouse operator) certificate.

Our AEO (customs broker) certificate.

Transportation Safety

Owning our fleets of trucks and monitoring them closely via our centralized tracking system means we don’t need to rely on contractors to manage risks.

All drivers are subjected to breathalyzer tests and their health is monitored carefully, and we are sure to comply with the various laws and regulations governing long-haul truck transportation. And if an accident or breakdown should occur, our centralized tracking and monitoring systems enable swift response.

As a bonus, those centralized systems have an added benefit: Knowing which trucks are where in real time enables us to respond to your sudden, urgent cargo requests.
A transportation company stands and falls on its safety record. At Goto Kaisoten, our expert staff go the extra mile to ensure your cargo is packed, stored, cleared through customs, transported, and delivered safely and securely.

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