Inland transport

For truck shipping—the core of domestic transport—we and our partner enterprise, Maruma Overland Freight, carry out all shipping operations with our company trucks.

Trucks are maintained within the group, so they can all be managed together by a coordinated system. Being able to quickly find out the location of customers’ cargo is not the only thing we can do; we are flexible and can respond to urgent matters and possible trouble scenarios at any time.
In addition to our company’s normal truck transport, we have a proven track record with all forms of transport, whether by rail or by sea. We can propose the best shipping method in accordance with delivery dates and kinds of products. 

Groups of cargo waiting for transport

Batch management of cargo

Operations inside the warehouse

The specialities of domestic shipping with Goto Kaisoten

The specialities of domestic shipping with Goto Kaisoten

In cases of shipping over medium to long distances, when there is comparatively more leeway with delivery dates, then we can use rail transport to ship at lower cost. For sea and truck transport, we can move large cargo that is likely to be restricted by road traffic laws on load limits. For domestic shipping, by choosing a transport method that aligns with the customer’s schedule and type of cargo, great cost savings are possible.

Shipping via rail and sea

In addition, when taking the environment into account, rail and sea transport are very effective modes of shipping. Shipping via rail or sea results in a much lower emission rate of CO2, making your shipping much more kinder to the environment.  
We can combine rail, sea and truck transport to avoid placing any burdens on the customer, and send goods to their intended destination without delay.

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