Inland Transport

We and our partner companies own fleets of trucks and other vehicles to carry your cargo, large or small, to its destination.

Our trucks are owned and administered within the Goto Group. This allows for centralized tracking, which means we always know where your consignment is at any given moment, and can respond swiftly and flexibility to any unforeseen circumstance. What is more, our long experience and extensive network mean we are ideally positioned to carry your cargo within Japan by road, rail, and sea. 

Cargo, neatly stacked and ready to load.

All cargo is centrally managed and tracked.

A busy forklift operator at one of our warehouses.

What’s Different About Goto Kaisoten’s Inland Transport Services?

The Ability to Work Within Your Scheduling and Budgetary Needs

Our extensive network and huge range of transport options allows us to offer solutions to suit your needs. For instance, if you’re on a tight budget and don’t need lightning-fast delivery, we can keep costs low by using railway transport. Or, if your cargo is too big for overland transport under Japan’s road laws, we can use one of our many boats. Every client has unique needs, and we will find a way to fulfil yours!

The Ability to Combine Rail, Ocean, and Truck Transport

Our rail and ocean transport capabilities are a powerful advantage for you; not only do they bolster your environmental credentials by removing CO2 emissions from the supply chain, but our unrivalled ability to combine them seamlessly with trucks ensures you can get your cargo from point A to point B affordably and without fuss.

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