Our Philosophy

A Solid Foundation for Reliable Solutions

1. Tradition and Innovation Create Trust and Integrity

Since 1877, our company culture has been based on a fine balance of traditional values and forward-looking innovation. Today, our services and business management incorporate the latest computer technologies to meet modern needs, but our customers are assured by the solid foundation of human trust and integrity we have built up slowly through many decades of experience and expertise.

2. Broad Strengths, Focused Solutions

The rapid, ongoing evolution of supply chain management has changed the face of distribution systems. Amid the turmoil, our solid frameworks, ultramodern dockside facilities, extensive global network, and innovative marketing staff ensure we have the stability and versatility to offer logistics solutions tailor made to suit your specific needs.

3. A Global Network for Worldwide Solutions

Our ability to offer door-to-door solutions is underpinned by our extensive global network of partner companies with long experience in moving everything from packages to power plants. Our network is global in scope with a particular focus on Southeast Asia, where we have subsidiaries in important trading hubs like Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.
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