Maruma Konpo Yuso Co., Ltd.

Dealing with diverse, refined and progressing international logistics with secure packaging that conforms to your cargo’s form

Business areas Packaging/Automobile Transport/Warehousing
Facilities and infrastructure Main Factory/No. 2 Factory (Warehouse)

Supporting international transport via experienced pros and integrated packaging

Our company was established in February, 1973 with the primary goal of providing packaging ordered by Goto Kaisoten Ltd., in mind. Currently, we posses the box making plant at our headquarters, the KD plant, and our No. 2 plant. There we engage in producing overseas-aimed automobile CKDs for the Mizushima Plant of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, as well as an extensive line of packaging for export goods, such as general machinery, heavy goods, and others. Furthermore, we utilize an integrated operation that covers everything from the procurement of all materials related to packaging, such as plywood and other auxiliary materials, as well as processing and packing. At the same time, we possess warehouse facilities that are used as cargo stock points, and we strive to keep our packaging and storage as secure as possible.

We can promise your cargo’s safety through packaging designed for various kinds of cargo and warehouse management, all of which has proved worthy of our customer’s trust

Our packaging, which is adapted to fit your cargo’s unique needs, not only provides a high degree of security, but also treats cost reduction as a fundamental requirement. We procure our own packaging materials and our facilities come fully equipped with the latest machinery that can handle drying, processing, box making, and packaging in a continuous operation. Additionally, our skilled pros will ensure that the packaging is safely carried out in an optimum manner. Furthermore, through containerization, we are able to maintain storage facilities that correspond to international logistics, and we carry out export cargo packing, storage, loading, and unloading in a continuous operation. We work hard to provide operations that will leave our customer’s convinced.

Company Information

Name Maruma Konpo Yuso Co., Ltd.Head Office
Address1-25,Kaigan-dori 2-chome, Mizushima, Kurashiki 712-8071
TEL/FAX TEL:+81-86-445-7125 / FAX:+81-86-445-7126
NameMaruma Konpo Yuso Co., Ltd.Tamashima Factory
Address8244-1, Tamasimaotosima, Kurashiki 713-8103
TEL/FAXTEL:+81-86-522-9100/ FAX:+81-86-522-9102
NameMaruma Konpo Yuso Co., Ltd.Mizushima Factory
Address10-1, 3-chome, Minamise, Kurashiki 712-8055
TEL/FAXTEL:+81-86-484-1218/ FAX:+81-86-484-0577
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