Using total logistics solutions across Taiwan to expand our growth in Southeast Asia

Business areas Integrated international shipment solutions and air, land, and sea freight

Speedy international logistics through the latest infrastructure

In October 1989, our Japanese parent company opened a subsidiary in Taipei, Taiwan.
We serve as the locus for integrated international logistics, including inland transport, installation, and packing. In November 1992, we were the first overseas forwarder to deploy computer-based LB and an online database of information. Beginning in April of 1994, we deployed an IBM host machine in order to take part in the Gotoh Kaisoten Southeast Asia online network. This has linked us to Taiwan's leading networks and allowed us to build a speedy data-processing infrastructure for the accurate delivery of work.

We take a Japanese mentality to service and bring door-to-door logistics throughout Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China

In order to make our integrated international freight more accurate and robust, we manage logistics within Taiwan with a Japanese approach to accuracy. From the transport of large-scale factory facilities to appliances, food products, and accessories, we handle a wide range of cargo and span across Taiwan, and we are active in Hong Kong and China, as well. All of our personnel have deep knowledge and expertise in logistics, and our Japanese teams work with local staff fluent in Japanese to manage import and export work. We continue to be active today as the Maruma Group's strategic position in Southeast Asia.

Company Information

Name GOTO FAIRWIND CO.,LTD. 【後藤順風股份有限公司】
TEL/FAX TEL:+886-2-2562-3297 / FAX:+886-2-2562-3246
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