Singapore, an international location for the distribution of goods.We can adapt to any kind of distribution requirement.

Business areas International complex - we offer a transportation service in units. Our service travels via air and sea, and we handle freight traffic.

A leader in goods distribution around South-East Asia, we are "Maruma of the Orient".

Nowadays, Singapore harbor is a crucial focus of international cargo, and serves as the biggest base in South-East Asia for shipping freight containers worldwide. Ships from all over the world stop at this harbor. Our company was established in 1985 as the local Singapore office of the Maruma Group, its first ever overseas distribution branch. After 3 years of expansion, we become our own on-site corporation in 1988. We presently have NIES connections (for the Financial Promotion of Regional Industries) to Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and more. We have earned the trust of clients from all over South-East Asia as part of Maruma Group's transportation service in units at an international level.

"Wisdom, Virtue, Experience". With all our strength we continue to build trust from within the very heart of Japan outwards into a transportation service for international distribution.

Our headquarters are located on No.1 SCIENCE ROAD in Singapore, where we have transportation equipment and machinery for handling cargo. As well as our international distribution, our business also forwards exports and imports, deals with issues regarding customs clearance, issues with air cargo, insurances and heavyweight cargo. We mount it, wrap it up and transport it. We endeavor to offer a variety of pallet sales, we deposit cargo in our own storehouse, and we intend to develop this line of business even further. We follow the GOTO shipping agency's basic principle of "Wisdom, Virtue, Experience", as well as the motto of "SPEEDY・SAFETY・SMART・SMILE", and shall endeavor to diversify our distribution to fit our customer's needs in a more flexible way. We work to expand our company's reliance and deepen its foundation.

Company Information

Address BLK511, #03-02 KEPPEL DISTRIPARK
TEL/FAX TEL:+65-6272-9929 / FAX:+65-6272-9935
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